Our Vision

Our Vision

First, the John M. Jordan Camp 581, Sons of Confederate Veterans wishes to encourage and foster a spirit of fraternal love and benevolence toward all mankind, especially fellow compatriots; Second, we desire to train our leadership and educate our membership to reclaim our honorable Southern Heritage and it’s essential role in developing and preserving American Liberty; and Third, to educated all citizens and proclaim to the world the truth concerning the War for Southern Independence.

Our Key Beliefs

  • We believe in God, home, family, heritage, duty, liberty, freedom, self-determination, self-government, patriotism, truth and self-defense.
  • The Confederacy was founded upon these same things.
  • That historical facts should be taught and told factually.
  • Most Southerners today still admire and seek these things; and Our honorable actions and service can make a difference in achieving these things.

Our Nature and Purpose

The John M. Jordan Camp # 581, Sons of Confederate Veterans is a strictly patriotic, historical, educational, benevolent, non-racial, non-political and fraternal organization. The Sons of Confederate Veterans neither embraces, nor espouses acts or ideologies of racial or religious bigotry, and further strongly condemns the misuse of its sacred flags and symbols in the conduct of the same. Each member is expected to perform his full duty as a citizen according to his own conscience and understanding.