Adoption of New Camp Flag (G.O. 2015-01)

SCV-Camp-581-FlagGeneral Order 2015-01
April 27, 2015
South Boston, Virginia

The Commander has noticed with marked satisfaction the growth and general prosperity experienced by the John M. Jordan Camp 581 since it’s re-chartering September 15, 2003. The Commander further deems it totally right and proper the Camp should have its own camp flag as a visible symbol of the pride each compatriot can duly claim for the camp’s many notable accomplishments, together with the dutiful respect shown to their honorable ancestors.

Following significant consideration and input from the select committee as well as other compatriots and friends, the following described design has been selected.

The flag shall be confederate red St. Andrews crossbars on a field of Virginia blue. The center of the flag shall display a seal with the diameter of one-half the height of the flag, featuring Virtus, fully clothed, and holding an un-sheathed sword in one hand and an upward pointing spear in the other, standing upon a prostrate figure representing tyranny. Superimposed around the top of the image will be the words “SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS” and beneath the image shall be the SCV motto; “DEO VINDICE”. The upper quadrant of the field shall include the words “JOHN M. JORDAN CAMP 581, SOUTH BOSTON, VA”; the lower quadrant shall contain the words “SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS”. The left quadrant shall have the words “CHARTERED 1908” and the right quadrant “RE-CHARTERED 2003″.

The above described flag is hereby adopted as the official flag of the John M. Jordan Camp 581 Sons of Confederate Veterans and is authorized to be flown or displayed at any meeting, event or occasion which brings honor to our confederate ancestors and our camp membership.

~W.B. Bill Crews

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