Eligibility for Membership

SCV-Camp-581-FlagMembership in the John M. Jordan Camp 581 Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to male descendants—lineal or collateral—of those men who served honorably and whose service terminated honorably in the armed forces of the Confederate States of America or one of the States thereof. Applicants for membership must be men of good character, who emulate the best qualities of the Confederate soldier.

No individual shall be admitted into regular membership who has not attained at least twelve (12) years of age. The Camp shall be the judge of its own members, and shall be further charged with the responsibility of making the principal determination of an applicant’s character, temperament, and qualifications for membership. No one shall be admitted to membership until satisfactory proof of the foregoing qualifications be submitted in duplicate on an official blank application prepared for that purpose. The Camp shall keep a duplicate copy of all membership application forms and send a copy to the General Headquarters.

The John M. Jordan Camp 581 Sons of Confederate Veterans neither embraces, nor espouses acts or ideologies of racial and religious bigotry, and further, strongly condemns the misuse of its sacred symbols and flags in the conduct of same. Individuals espousing the aforementioned acts or ideologies shall not be admitted to membership. Members shall at all time conduct themselves as gentlemen so as to bring credit and respect upon the Sons of Confederate Veterans and upon the memory of our Confederate forebears.